Is peace a complex approach and difficult to reach?

Is peace a complex approach and difficult to reach?

By examining both the world wars which the world has known, and the numerous civil wars in the twentieth century which the Earth has known closely, it has taken several decades to make those divisions disappear from the surface of the globe. Besides, deep-seated tensions cannot be obviously deleted overnight.

Peace building is not actually as simple as the signature of a peace treaty. And this question brings us to ask if peace is utopia or is it clearly feasible on a global scale.

What is peace?

Peace is a state of affairs in which people are able to resolve their conflicts without violent behavior and to work together in order to prop up the quality of their life.

Peace means: 

  • Everyone lives safe and sound, without any fears or a violence threat, and any kind of brutality is not tolerated in law or in practice. 
  • Everyone is one and the same in front of the law, all of us trust in justice systems and accurate and efficient laws. 
  • Everyone can participate in definition of political decisions and the government must be to the people, 
  • Everyone has access to accurate and equal basic needs for his well-being such as food, drinking water, a shelter, education, health care and a decent standard of living, 
  • Everyone has the equal chance to work and make a living, without any gender distinction, ethnic affiliation our other aspects of identity.

How to bring peace at the world level?

As individuals, we tolerate other people's bad behavior and maintain the fact that we should correct their bad behavior which has been set in their mind. On a global scale, countries go to wars and go into genocide. Sometimes, a few measures have been taken to prevent those situations from happening.

Even if it is difficult to change our tendency for not acting, the threat caused by the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction entails the necessity to act urgently. 

If we want to reap the rewards of peace, we must invest our time and energy to reach it. The next 30 years will mark a turning point in human businesses, and we are obliged to face who we really are, where we are from and most importantly, where we want to go.

Invest in peace

No one needs to be involved in politics or to be a celebrity to advocate peace in the world. As Prem Rawat shows in his website, promoting peace starts through actions which can be realized and trivialized in our neighborhood. Protecting human rights and enhancing equity are some examples.

And more specifically, it is crucial to help the most disadvantaged people by providing them with their basic needs for their welfare, including food, drinking water, a shelter, education, health care and a decent living conditions, or simply act as a peace advocate, like Prem Rawat.