24 Nov 2019

Zoom on the artists who work for peace

Artists and peace
Zoom on the artists who work for peace

Peace cannot be transmitted through poignant words or elaborate speeches made by government leaders. Nowadays, peace advocates like Prem Rawat have greatly influenced people in our current society in order to maintain peace. Apart from that, artists have also brought their share in the promotion of global peace.

Whether it is through music, or paintings, or even through graffiti, artists do their best to enhance global serenity. Here is a list of renowned artists who have taken important steps in the history of humanity to promote peace through lovely words. Let us keep their words in our mind forever.

Artists who have worked for peace

John Lennon

"If you think that peace and love area cliché that should have been only used in the 1960s, you are mistaken. Peace and love are eternal."  Since the 1970s, "Imagine" said facto soundtrack which describes the vision of a peaceful world. It is one of the songs written by John Lennon to enhance his quest for harmony. Other songs are entitled "Strawberry Fields Forever" and "In My Life".

In 1969, Paul McCartney and Lennon wrote another song entitled "Give Peace a Chance", a mantra which is still played nowadays in many parts of the globe during rallies and demonstrations. This renowned public figure was truly associated to the notion of global peace and peaceful protests.

El Seed

"I always make sure that I write messages which are appropriate to the place where I am drawing, and which have a universal dimension so that each individual in the world may connect to them." The French-Tunisian artist El Seed is renowned for his street art optimism. At the beginning, he wrote graffiti in Arabic language in order to reinterpret some quotations from the Quran.

Nowadays, he writes graffiti from the quotations of popular poets and country leaders from different cultures. In fact, the artist El Seed said, in Arabic language, "You do not have to know the meaning of the words. It will touch your spirit long before it reaches your eyes. It is not beautiful enough that it is not necessary to translate it".

Just like Prem Rawat, who originates from Rio de Janeiro, South Africa, El Seed wrote inspiring messages through the sublime masterpieces of art, which combines artistic aesthetics and humanitarian ideals.

Michael Franti&Spearhead

"I play music for one reason. I am worried about people and about the planet where we are living. At this moment, people in the world need music which denounces hatred and violence, but which defends the planet, and which supports justice for all humanity." Michael Franti made it big in 2008 with his sixth studio album, All Rebel Rockers, which culminated in N ° 37 of the U.S.Billboard 200.

In fact, Franti's music highlights the importance of positive thoughts and it is evident that his song lyrics convey messages of love for humanity and for the natural world. He also benefits from the contribution of the talented artist Spearhead, who has made his music marvelous to dance with. Franti is also a devoted peace advocate. He took the initiative to create his foundation, "Good To Be Alive", which is his own yoga retreat.

Apart from that, he also founded the association "Do It For The Love".