23 Nov 2019

Is it possible to put economy at the service of peace?

Economy and peace
Is it possible to put economy at the service of peace?

To promote peace through prosperity, it is important to make efforts to create economic development in a fair, inclusive manner, while taking employment, revenues and livelihoods into account. That is the main role of economic development in the establishment of peace.

What does “building economic development to promote peace” mean?

Imagine thousands of small traders crossing the border between Rwanda and the Republic Democratic of Congo selling or buying goods for their daily needs. Entrepreneurs set up a network of firms and development in the Caucasus. Banks, governments and investors unite their efforts to promote economic development in the Middle East in order to address the economic crisis in Syria. Are there any similarities between the aforementioned cases?

First of all, the situations describe what happens in conflict-affected countries and in post-conflict countries; they may also represent circumstances relating those countries. Yet, it is far more important to note that those examples can demonstrate how the economic activities will be carried out, and how the economy will thrive beyond the post-conflict divisions. This process is known as the « economic development for peace ».

Therefore, by taking into account that economic factors have enormous potential to contribute to peace promotion, the economic development for peace should become one of the priorities of each nation and each organization, such as the Prem Rawat Foundation, but especially for each citizen, from the time being into the future.

But how can peace be established through economy?

Economic activities can be conceived and carried out in such a way as to promote peace:

  • Decent livelihoods, job opportunities, and social mobility ;
  • Ability of people to safely accumulate equity, to invest or save it in case of need;
  • Ability of State authorities to earn revenues and to reinvest the acquired revenues for the provision of services and infrastructure
  • Sustainable economic activities at the social and environmental levels, which will prevent possible losses, improve the condition of the environment, and increase the positive attributes to enhance peace in the society.

And where exactly should the change take place? Mainly within the seven fields where the sponsors to the economic development can impact more: in economy, in human capital, in relations, in the rule of law, security, in infrastructure, as well as on land and capital.

Work for peace

Peace does not only resemble to a post-war situation. This kind of peace takes place when a community, whose citizens live under continuing vulnerability from imminent dangers, can successfully absorb and transcend from the attacks, fear and division.

As a result, they work for a common interest, rather than for their personal property. Peace-building effort, therefore, consists in enhancing a sustainable goal, which is courtesy. It can be discovered in the same place where our ancestors had found it, which is around our households in our local communities.

Peace cannot be established without the contribution and efforts of the community, and the efforts are led by peace ambassadors like Prem Rawat.